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  • Testimonial
    I wanted to thank you and your team for taking good care of Elidia, Joe and Jason last week on their trip to BLM GROUP. They all came back excited and feeling like the trip was very worthwhile with good information. Thank you for hosting them.
    Steve West VP Engineer Products, Chicago Tube and Iron
  • Testimonial
    I want to thank all of you for making my trip an amazing experience. I saw some amazing equipment at the show. Please pass on the thank you to the BLM GROUP team.
    Brian JolicoeurSr. Estimator, Huron Inc.
  • Testimonial
    Just wanted to take a moment and say “Thanks” again. It was a wonderful trip. The BLM GROUP definitely knows how to do it right. From the sales people, to the equipment, to the technicians… TOP SHELF.
    Tim AlthausVP of Operations, Hydro Tube Enterprises Inc.


How to combine Creativity and Feasibility.

BLM tube benders, simple to use and capable of extreme flexibility, ideal for furniture products.
BLM Lasertube machines allow simplified technical solutions, at an optimized cost.

What would you do?

• Process complex shapes, with high aesthetic yield, without production constraints
• Count on repeatability, flexibility, easy programming and automation.

Discover our machines at INTUBE

Sport & Fitness

Excellent design and biomechanics.

Machines designed for those manufacturing sports and fitness equipment:

• Work with a fine robust product
• Manage all sections
• Manufacture pieces with high aesthetic quality
• Maximum repeatability guaranteed

BLM Tube Benders

• 1D CLR
• Ovalization < 1%
• Complex bend patterns
• No clamping marks

BLM Lasertube machines

• Functional joints simplify the parts
• High aesthetics and stronger assemblies

Discover our machines at INTUBE!


Increase productivity, minimizing cost/piece rate.

Lasertube: multiple processes using a single system

• Reduce processes
• Eliminate intermediate stocks
• Eliminate semi-finished material handing
• Increase accuracy and safety
• Concept to finished part execution reduced by 70%

Bending: automated and compliant with GD&T standards

• Automatic configuration, loading and unloading for 24/7 operation
• All electric material handling
• Achievement of extreme tolerances
• Perfect repeatability

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Structural Steel

Structural Steel

A single system, many processes, lower costs.

BLM Lasertube: various technologies and reduced secondary operations

• Less material handling
• Cost reduction
• High precision cutting complex geometries
• High efficiency of the finished structure
• Self assembly, fabrication kitting, modular solutions

Discover our machines at INTUBE!


Certified and flexible production. Complex shapes.
Thinner wall thickness. Low batches and noble materials.

Bending 1st piece right, without trial times and costs.

• All-Electric bending
• No adjustment, if the thickness or ovalization change

Lasertube: trimming, holes and slots, available on bent component too

• Processing of the entire bar in a single cycle avoiding secondary operation and costs for complex fixtures
• Precise and consistent process, particularly for thin wall tubes that can be easily deformed when processed with traditional methods
• Ideal process for automated welding and assembly.

Discover our machines at INTUBE!

Agriculture & Industrial Vehicles

Variety of pieces and small batches. Variety of sections. Optimized cost/part ratio.

BLM Bending: special profiles bending

• Maximum repeatability without clamp marks
• Highest consistency including complex pieces
• Reduction of production times
• No trials or waste

BLM Lasertubes: easy, quick and efficient

• Savings on welding operations by creating new joints and using slots and tabs to locate/interlock them
• Using alternative solutions to the “cut and fold” technique
• Reduce parts, handling, times and costs of welding and assembly while increasing the structural strength of the frame

Discover our machines at INTUBE!


Increasingly complex shapes for increasingly limited spaces.

BENDING FROM COIL: 360° feasibility at the minimum cost!
• Reduced raw material cost and material scrap
• No handling of semi-finished products or stock
• Several processes on a single system (straightening, end-forming, bending, cutting and controlled unloading)
• Processing WITH or WITHOUT mandrel, depending on bending radius, diameter and thickness
• Complex geometries and 2D/3D coils and serpentine
• Right and left bending in multi-radii

BENDING FROM BAR: 24/7 production.

• Multi-radii tube bender with an integrated automatic loading and unloading
• Fully automated and multi-technology working cells, managed and supervised from a single consolle

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Job Shop

Job Shop

Flexible machines, high productivity, maximum efficiency.

Laser: easy, flexible, efficient for your production.
• Eliminates set-up costs and prototyping
• Fastest change-over
• Processes complex shapes and parts efficiently and smoothly, with high quality standards
• Eliminates secondary processes such as welding and assembling

5 Axis Laser: unique performance, huge reduction in processing times.
• Processes any 3D part (bent tubes too!)
• Eliminates workpiece repositioning during the process
• Controls two parallel work stations, with the guarantee of a continuous production cycle over 3 shifts

All-Electric Tube Bender: guaranteed first piece right.
• Unmatched flexibility: bending with draw and variable radius, right and left in the same process, complex bending shapes and geometries with no straight parts on it
• No need of tooling and machine adjustments
• Repeatability and highest precision
• Parts feasibility and productivity analysis

Discover our machines at INTUBE!

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